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Martinique is a shopper's haven with numerous boutiques in all the seaside towns, malls in the area surrounding Fort-de-France and local handicraft for sale all over the island.


The main shopping streets are rue Lamartine, Antoine Siger, Blénac and République. Rue Victor Hugo is the chic street of the capital.

In the suburbs :

• La Galleria
Le Lamentin - Monday to Thursday 9 am to 8:30 pm, Friday and Saturday 9 am to 9 pm. The largest shopping mall in the Lesser Antilles. Over a hundred shops and services, including Galeries Lafayette, Bananamoon with a large assortment of women's swimming suits and beachwear, Lacoste, Quicksilver, a travel agency, banks, HyperU (supermarket) and more.

• Centre Commercial de Dillon
Le Lamentin
Carrefour (supermarket), photo shop, newsagent, shoe repair… ) ; Sea Intersport (sports gear - fishing, diving, swimming and a small chandlery department with paint, buoys, rope) ;

• In the industrial zone of La Jambette check out Coup de Soleil - a shop full of decorating ideas with nice marine furniture and nautical themes.

• Le Village Créole
At Pointe du Bout - Open 9 am to 1 pm and 3:30 to 7 pm.

A multitude of shops and restaurants around a small square surrounded by Creole houses. Both elegant and casual fashion , accessories, beachwear, souvenirs and lots of interesting things to see on your shopping excursion.

• Le Village de la Poterie
Trois-Ilets - The premises are open daily 9 am to 1 pm and 3 to 6 pm, Sunday 9 am to 1 pm.

At the entrance to the village, Créations Marines - a workshop that has a vast collection of halfhulls in exotic wood and cute navy bags in sail cloth. A bit further, Pierre at Aquarelles, a colourful and slightly mischievous character will charm you with his watercolor paintings full of stories and emotions.

Among the many shops, Barbouille is definitely worth a visit for its nice clothes and hand-painted creations, and to swap travel stories with cruising people ! Luna Azteca displays Caribbean art and handicraft. Exceptional iron works from Haiti and art objects from Mexico get top honors.

Le Marin
Several shops in the marina provide nautical and beachwear. • Bleu Océan - the place to go for designer swimwear and beachwear. Besides their nice fashion collections, they also sell cigarettes, phone cards, postcards, etc. • Under the arcades of Rivages d'Ulysse, Mymy Boutique - the latest T-shirts and trousers from Saint-James, styles that are always on the agenda on boats.

Other shops are gathered in the Champion Annette shopping mall.


When talking about shopping it's impossible not to mention the highly praised handicraft of Martinique :
-  Madras fabrics - very colourful prints, perfect for making tablecloths, napkins or covering salon cushions can be found at TILO boutiques in Fort-de-France and the airport or visit their factory in Lamentin.You may also find a selection of madras at Ozier-Lafontaine located on the main street in Le Marin town (near the Mairie).
-  Basketwork - a Caribbean tradition inherited from South America and Africa, is well worth a look in handicraft and souvenir shops as well as at the handicraft market of La Savane in Fort-de-France where you'll find baskets, hampers and hats (including the traditional bakoua).
-  Creole jewellery - gold necklaces, bracelets, brooches or earrings in traditional styles that revolve around themes loaded with history. In Fort-de-France, pay a visit to the jewelers in the area around rue Isembert / rue Lamartine.
-  Objects and sculptures in exotic wood (mahogany, copinol, white cedar) - a credit to the craftsmen's skills.

-  Pottery - artistic or everyday household objects made of local clay. Craftsmen's workshops may be visited in Village de la Poterie and Domaine Château Gaillard (Trois-Ilets).

And you won't want to miss the exciting tastes of Martinique. Here are a few of our favorite products made in Martinique :
-  Old fashioned sweets, rum, liqueur, spices and gourmet food at La Boutique in the Airport (a must stop when leaving Martinique or when picking up relatives and friends).
-  Spices of all kinds and coffee roasted on the premises can be chosen in the enticing world of scents of Le Monde des Epices, only a stone's throw from the airport.
-  Traditional punch, shrubb - a traditional orange liqueur, and exotic syrups made in Martinique and bottled under the Dormoy trademark.

Finally, anthuriums, torch ginger, lobster claw and other exotic flowers can embellish your cockpit during your visit to Martinique. Florists like Mac Intosh (at the airport) offer flower arrangements specially prepared for boats.

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